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App provides airport info to flyers about health measures



Airports Council International (ACI) launched a new smartphone app that provides passengers with information about health measures in place at individual airports worldwide.



Close to 200 airports have provided information for the Check & Fly app, and the app is updated regularly with more airports. It is available for download at the Apple App Store.



“The recovery of air travel will rely on passenger confidence in the industry’s focus on their health and welfare, and the Check & Fly app helps to communicate directly with passengers about the health and hygiene measures that have been introduced,” ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira said. “ACI is supporting airports with programs like Check & Fly and Airport Health Accreditation to help them demonstrate to passengers, regulators, and governments that they are prioritizing health and safety in a measurable, established manner.”



In addition to the app, ACI is also developing a web-based portal that passengers can directly access information about the measures in place at individual airports.





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