Air France Comes Out with Cocoon Seat

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Air France is continuing to develop the move upmarket of its entire range of products and services called “Best & Beyond.”

With an investment of over $676 million, this project aims to place Air France at the best possible level in terms of products and to make a difference with a caring attitude towards its customers. The latest development came earlier this week when the airline unveiled its new Business class seat.

The airline will install more than 2,000 seats beginning this June and completing the installation by summer 2016 on 44 Boeing 777s, the core of Air France’s long-haul fleet. The seat is designed to create a cocoon-like state of privacy and special care.

Air France describes the seats design using three ‘Fs.’ The first is Full flat, as in a fully flat bed; second is Full access, as in access to the aisle, regardless of the seat’s location in the cabin; and thirdly, full privacy – a protected area through the seat’s enveloping curves, providing a true bubble of privacy in the sky.

The seat features a 16-inch high definition touch screen with more than 1,000 hours of entertainment. The screen offers an onboard navigation experience similar to a tablet. With a completely redesigned user interface and available in 12 languages (French, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Arabic).

The seats also feature electrical outlets, USB ports and new noise-reduction headphones as well as a padded headboard; an adjustable soft leather headrest; multiple storage areas close at hand; a delicate-to-the-touch duvet and an XXL feather down pillow; and high quality, down to the finishing: leather, choice fabrics, stitching.

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